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Basing yourself at our hotel, follow these itineraries to discover the area around Senigaglia


A holiday at Senbhotel is also the occasion to discover the gentle countryside of The Marche and its rich cultural, gastronomic and  natural  heritage. From our hotel, situated in the centre of The Marche region, it is possible to plan day trips in which you can visit  cities of art, such as  Urbino,GubbioFabrianoMacerataRecanati or religious centres such as  Loreto eAssisi. In less than hour you can reach the splendid  Grotte di Frasassi and themed itineraries can also be organised  for the discovery of the many local medieval villages inland from the coast, through the hilly landscape of  Castelli di Jesi and the Lacrima di Morro d’Alba.



Senigaglia is an ideal tourist destination: a lively city in all seasons of the year, it is a place for relaxation and enjoyment every day. Choose our hotel as the base for your visit!

The Roman heritage and the renaissance period  influenced the actual layout of the historic city centre . Roman relics can be admired in the archaeological area while Renaissance architecture can be found in Piazza del Duca. And it is right in this extraordinary part of the city centre that the influence  of the  Duchy of Urbino can be seen, in the imposing Rocca Roveresca, the Palazzo del Duca and the Palazzetto Baviera.
A short distance away, the  Portici Ercolani and the Foro Annonario illustrate the urban development of  Senigaglia from the  second half of the 18th century through to the 1930s.  Senigaglia is also the city  of  Mario Giacomelli, one of the greatest masters of photography of the 20th century.  At  Musinf (Museum of Modern Art)  – Museo d’Arte moderna, dell’Informazione e della Fotografia, some of his most famous works are exhibited.
And always, the Rotonda in the sea, a  symbol for visitors to the city of  Senigaglia  since 1933, when it was an  atmospheric meeting place for the local elite during the bathing season.  Restored to its original splendour in July  2006, with its original form of a shell, it is a magical gathering point offering incomparable views over land and sea.

From our  Hotel in Senigaglia there are two other interesting places that are easy to reach :

– Museo dei Bronzi Dorati  ( Ormolu Museum)
The museum houses the works of the sculptural group known as  “ Ormolu works from Cartoceto of Pergola”, one of the very few great groups of equestrian sculptures from ancient Rome and that we are proud to have.
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– Rocca Roveresca  (Roveresca Fortress)
The  Rocca Roveresca of  Mondavio was built between  1482 and 1492, under instruction by Giovanni Della Rovere, a gentleman of Senigaglia, of the Vicarage of Mondavio  and  son-in-law of  Federico di Montefeltro. The project was created and managed  by the noted local architect, Francesco Di Giorgio Martini, who was the principal architect  for designing defensive structures during the reign of the  Montefeltro family in the Duchy of  Urbino, and this fortress is unanimously  considered an absolute masterpiece of military architecture from the Renaissance period.

For some Theatre …
Theatrical Season at Jesi
Opera Festival of Macerata

Museums, historic sites, ancient noble palaces ... In Senigaglia there are so many sites to see. Stay at our hotel and discover the cultural riches of this city.



Basing yourself at our hotel, it is easy to reach natural reserves and protected areas just a short distance from Senigaglia

From the Appennines to the  Adriatico Coast, a visit to  Senigaglia and to the land of the Duchy,  (Gubbio, Pesaro, Senigaglia and Urbino), allows for an extraordinary journey through time: from pre-history through to today, in a  succession of emotions and  splendor. There is such a vast amount of uncontaminated nature to discover throughout the valleys of the rivers Foglia, Metauro, Cesano and  Misa. Not to be missed:
The Gola  della Rossa Nature Reserve and the  Frasassi Grottoes
Situated at just under an hour from Senigaglia, this is the biggest protected area in the region of The Marche, with a rich environmental heritage offering geological, botanical and wildlife attractions.
The subterranean complex  of the  Frasassi Grottoes   with its 30 km of caves over eight different geological layers,  represents  one of the biggest and most interesting cave complexes in the world. Choose an itinerary lasting about an hour  that allows you to wander through the complex of  stalactites and stalagmites, crystal clear lakes and  extraordinary spikes of alabaster, or you can opt for a guided tour with a caving expert  and for which a booking is necessary.

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have hundreds of choices of activities around Senigaglia. Choose our hotel for your adventure holiday or for seaside relaxation on the velvet sand beach of the hotel.



Considered one of “the capitals of the Italian restaurant sector”, Senigaglia is definitely the city for eating well. Visit our hotel and discover our restaurant.

From pizzerias to bistros, from little seaside restaurants to the more formal hotel dining rooms, from lively wine bars to  simple rustic restaurants, in  Senigaglia there is no shortage of choice for your dining experience .
The  gastronomic delights of  Senigaglia offer families a wide range of delicious menus at reasonable prices, the seafood is fresh and appetising  and for those who don’t like seafood, there is a variety of choice of dishes from the countryside.

Of all the typical dishes based on seafood, there are some specialties not to be missed:  the  grigliata, (mixed grilled seafood), and the  fritto misto dell’Adriatico,(mixed fried seafood),  which are two dishes best representing the maritime traditions of Senigaglia and which are always present on the local menus and the brodetto senigalliese,(mixed seafood soup),  which is prepared with thirteen different types of seafood.  The farming tradition of Senigaglia is best represented by the summer specialty and perhaps a surprise to discover,  oca arrosto, ( roast goose),  and for Christmas lunch, the  salsiccia matta,(“mad” sausage),  which is made by the local butchers of the historic centre.
For Easter, there is the  traditional  pizza con il formaggio,(cheese bread) while the dessert  of tradition is the  ciambellone, (Bundt cake),  which is paired with the sweet wine, vino di visciole. White wines from the area surrounding Senigaglia that are not be missed are Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and  Bianchello del Metauro, while some of the best reds are  Lacrima di Morro d’Alba,  Rosso Conero and the  Sangiovese. One of the most important Italian gastronomic festivals takes place annually  in Senigaglia, on the third weekend in September and is called Pane Nostrum, an event that promotes all aspects of bread and bread-making.  At our hotel restaurant  you can sample all these typical local dishes from the  Senigaglia region.  Come to our hotel and enjoy the great local cuisine of Senigaglia!

Discover the delights of the typical cuisine from Senigaglia, staying at our hotel just a few steps from the sea.

We are waiting for you in Senigaglia to provide you with your dream holiday in our hotel.


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The hotel residence offers spacious and comfortable two-bed or  three-bed apartments for you to enjoy your seaside holiday in Senigaglia



The hotel is situated in a central position between the historic centre of Senigaglia and the beach, an obligatory passage in the evening stroll from the town centre to the beach..

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